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January 11, 2017
From Florida Investment Real Estate: Ep. 115 Denis Hanks: 3 Things Vacation Rental Owners Must Know for 2017
February 3, 2017

Please take note of this Legislative Alert as it directly pertains to your business activity within the state of Florida.

Pro-Industry legislation prohibiting local government from singling out vacation rentals and imposing overly onerous regulations has been filed in both the Senate and House. SB 188 by Senator Steube (R-Sarasota) and HB 425 by Representative La Rosa (R-Kissimmee) would repeal the language originally passed in 2014 which allowed local governments to regulate all aspects of vacation rentals except for frequency, duration, and outright prohibition. In response to local governments all but ignoring these guidelines, FL VRMA and its legislative team at Lewis, Longman and Walker worked closely with Senator Steube and Representative La Rosa to craft a bill that would return to 2011 and more wholly preempt local government's ability to regulate vacation rentals.

SB 188/HB 425 would return state law to the preemption FL VRMA passed in 2011. Under the newly-filed bills, a local government could not prohibit vacation rentals or treat them differently from any other form of housing. This will force local governments to apply the same regulations irrespective of whether the home is not rented, rented on a long-term basis, or rented as a vacation rental.

We are just beginning the long run-up to the 2017 session, which runs from March through May. As things progress, we may be asking you to participate in Calls to Action to express support of this legislation and the impact it will have on you, your homeowners, and vendors. We may ask to you to call or write your local legislator and share the impact your business has on the tourism industry in Florida.

Continue to keep an eye on your email and the FL VRMA website to make sure you do not miss updates and possible Calls to Action. While it is still early in the legislative process, we must get out ahead of these issues and stand ready to work shoulder to shoulder to protect the Florida Vacation Rental industry. Rest assured that FL VRMA and the LLW Legislative Team is working on your behalf every day to support you and protect our industry.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

This update is written and coordinated by our Florida VRMA Lobbyist, Lori Killinger and our lobby team at Lewis, Longman & Walker, PA

Paul Hayes, Florida VRMA, President

Denis Hanks, Florida VRMA, Executive Director

In closing, we ask for your continued support of our association and urge you to make a voluntary contribution if possible to our political action committee, the FVRPC. Donations can be made online by clicking the donation button below.

The FVRPC serves as a another vehicle to continue working on your behalf as a professional in the Florida vacation rental industry.

To directly donate to our efforts or attend our upcoming fundraising events, click the button below!

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Jodi Foster, Florida VRMA
Jodi Foster, Florida VRMA
Event Coordinator and Membership Coordinator for Florida VRMA.

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